Project 0.2 Long bursts

For this exercise I was determined to slow down, embrace my nerves and try again to take on board my learning from the earlier exercises. As a result I found this a fantastically enjoyable exercise. I continued with diagonal lines to begin with and noticed the middle looked like an orchestra. This may have been my subconscious as I had been reading about Kandinsky a few days before. For fun I went with the thought and drew ellipses from the earlier exercise to the right, suggestive of an audience. As a conscious nod to Kandkinsky I added a conductor’s stick in the middle bottom of the drawing.

By now a particular piece of classical music had found its way into my head so I went with marks that reflected what I was hearing. This is unusual and has not happened to me before, perhaps as I normally draw portraits, so this is an an exciting departure.

A fun continuation of this exercise would be to listen to a specific piece of music and more deliberately reflect it as marks and see what happens.


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