Project 0.2 Short bursts

I was interested to note how very apprehensive I was about this exercise. On reflection I suspect it is because I am not used to just mark making without any plan and have not really done that many drawing exercises.

I felt frustrated because the lines were smoother than I expected and I didn’t feel I conveyed sufficient energy. This was partly as the charcoal was cracking as I drew which affected the lines. I also subconsciously didn’t stick to the half inch long length. My instinct was to fill the paper with larger marks as it intuitively felt like they would convey more energy. In practice, this was not the case so I decided to take a second short round of smaller marks. I was pleased with how they seemed to convey more energy particularly when they intersected with the earlier lines I had drawn.

My takeaway is that nervousness was creeping in again and I should be willing to try the exercises a few times and stick to what is asked as the course has been designed this way for a reason!


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