Project 1.1. Fractured and dramatic marks

Drawing 1

I was feeling more confident with approaching these exercises now so jumped in with curiosity. I found I had created hard, dramatic intersecting lines. The marks were energetic and made me think about electricity pylons. As drawing from the shoulder was new to me from previous exercises, I chose to use my shoulder to push the charcoal across the page. I was really delighted and surprised to see interesting, almost recognisable shapes emerging from this exercise. I certainly feels like I am being liberated from slavishly drawing realistic portraits based on photos!

Drawing 2

I decided to approach this exercise more slowly and gently to contrast with the energy of my first drawing. I let the charcoal jump across the page and this time chose to use my wrist instead of my shoulder. This resulted in small, wavy lines. To begin with this resembled the sea then after adding contrast by laying charcoal in smooth intersecting lines a tree on a windy day began to emerge.

Drawing 3

By way of change, I focused on straight, continuous lines. An almost forest like scene began to emerge, perhaps a subconscious response to the green ground I used. I employed a light touch.

Drawing 4

I framed straight lines with diagonals, this time working at a medium speed. By the end a house in a forest seemed to be emerging so I went with it and added some smudged lines which gave the emerging picture some depth.

Drawing 5

I never draw with pen so this is a first. I wasn’t sure what to do so just began flicking light lines across the page. Fields of crops began to emerge and I decided to leave some white space to balance the volume of black lines.

I really liked the way the brush echoed the line and softened it to provide depth.This seemed to work more effectively when I was picking out individual lines.

Drawing 6

I drew from the elbow and used gentle, light movement to get nice curves. I went over the top with putty rubber to create straight lines. A bonfire seems to have appeared.

Drawing 7

I was determined to try something different again in this exercise so I flicked pencil cross hatches and then used a rubber to sweep across creating thicker, soft lines. By the end of the exercise a fence or piece of gauze floating in the wind had emerged. I really liked this drawing aesthetically due to the delicacy of the gauzey lines juxtaposed with the expressive thicker lines.


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