Part 1 – Closing thoughts

In 4 weeks my ‘art life’ has gone from 30pm to definitely over the speed limit!

I’ve gone from not regularly using or understanding the value of a sketchbook to religiously carrying one with me and keeping a note book by my bed and copious notes and photographs of ideas on my phone.

I’ve gone from still thinking drawing was perceived as secondary to painting to seeing a great turning of this tide which is hugely exciting to be happening in my life time.

I’ve gone from expecting to be able to dive straight into a finished piece to understanding the need to plan, think, sketch and re-sketch before approaching the final drawing.

I’ve gone from thinking I wouldn’t have ideas to having so many ideas I have had to go through my sketchbook and prioritise those for for the next phase of development, a creative process which I have also researched and now have a better understanding of.

I’ve gone from expecting magic just happens to understanding there are principles and elements of art and design that I must learn and that composition is everything.

I’ve gone from thinking I’m an imposter to respecting myself as having creative potential and the enthusiasm to progress on beyond this Foundation course.

I’ve gone from a fear of ‘just sketching’ and working from life to a growing acorn of confidence.

I’ve gone from thinking I’d have to choose one medium and be awesome at it to seeing how other artists mix, match and even go through phases of using one medium before going to another.

I’ve gone from not knowing anything about the OCA to being wowed by their support and professionalism so far – not to mention the tissue paper wrapped course materials – a beautiful touch.

As Arthur Daley once said in Minder, “the world is your lobster”. Dali would approve.



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