Exercise: Circle to ball, shape to form

I did some exploratory work as part of this exercise in my sketchbook. To begin with I tried the exercise with just a B pencil as I wanted to continue practising trying to achieve different tones from the same drawing item as I had begun to learn about in the first exercise.

The shape was more convincing with less variation in tone in the second attempt, where I introduced variety in the direction of the line to help suggest the shape of the sphere. It is strange that straight lines seem more effective in conveying form than in the first attempt where I used more curved lines to try to suggest the shape of the sphere. I am not sure why this is.


Throughout last week I did more exploratory work in my commitment to try to draw each day, following my tutor feedback from assignment one. I was surprised how delicate and realistic the sphere was to the bottom right of this page which I did as quite a long exercise shading very delicately to build up tone with a H pencil. Cross hatching and I are still having relationship issues but will explore Lucian Freud’s use of this technique as recommended by my tutor.

I also experimented with a mix of B pencils which allow the grain of the paper to have more effect. I realise how valuable this preparatory work is now prior to doing a piece of course work and I am enjoying trying to be more playful and less critical of what happens. Happy little accidents, as Bob Ross, says, abound!


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