Artist review – Lucien Levy-Dhurmer

Going on from my research into David Blackburn I have discovered Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1865 – 1953), a French symbolist / art nouveau artist. There’s some great high res pictures and details of him as an artist on Michel Koven’s blog.

I am knocked out by the beautiful, ethereal effect he achieves with pastels, particularly when combined with a surprising level of detail in Vision d’Automne. My favourite is Harmonie en bleu and I am looking forward to experimenting with some new Unison pastels I have bought to discover how he achieved this effect and how this might differ from David Blackburn‘s approach of layering and masking.

Through this process I have found also found the following:

  • A good review with other pastel artists to explore from Artists Daily.
  • Ruben Belloso Adorna is a contemporary pastel artist and shares some of his techniques in an interview on Jackson Art Supplies’ site e.g. not using fixative due to colour distortion and when painting on wood he uses a preparation comprising acrylic gesso with pumice powder tinted with acrylic colour as needed. In the technique of pastel, Adorna references Vicente Romero
  • Artists in Pastel lists lots of pastel artists for exploration



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