Experimenting with pastel techniques 

These are some studies I did after ready Bill Creevy’s Pastels book. For the first I experimented with hatching in different and complementary tones to create an under drawing in hard pastel with soft pastel over the top which has created a nice depth.

For this the technique was softer and focused more on blending. There were some lumps of pastel under the page which caused the bumps and blemishes to the right of the apple which I actually like as a happy accident!

For this one I wanted a finished piece rather than  a study. This focused on feathering. It worked well in some places, particularly where the lost edges were. I was pleased with how the eggs in the cup came out, the top one more so as rather than blend I let the texture of the paper show through. I liked the limited palette with interest coming from the purple and blues.

This sketch was again a copy from the Creevy book, hard pastel for the outline of the girl then soft pastel to add in expressive parts of colour. This was my first go with Unison pastels and they are difficult to handle –  the slightest and a colour bomb goes off! This lacked depth, it wasn’t convincing that she was sat on anything but I was pleased to try a different technique.


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