Exercise: A spoon

This is the hardest exercise I have completed on the course to date and I am very disappointed with the results. Having learnt the importance of preparatory sketches from assignment one, I did two preparatory sketches of spoons. I was happy with neither, so perhaps should done more.

Before starting, I looked up advice on the internet about drawing reflective surfaces. The consensus seems to be that sharp lines with contrasts between light and dark are effective in conveying reflection. However the large spoon I used was very scratched and I could not see such stark differences in very light and very dark tones hence the variations in mid tones I used. I don’t know whether this was a wrong choice. Perhaps I should have exaggerated the tones, but the instructions for the exercise were very clear that you should draw what you see.

I honestly don’t know how to improve my skills here. When I look at my first preparatory sketch on A4 paper I can’t really see any progression between that and my final drawing on A3. I feel that all I learnt from this exercise is that I can’t draw reflective surfaces and that a 6B pure graphite pencil / stick is useful for shading larger work as you can use the flat side of the nib area to cover larger areas. I would really appreciate some guidance here.


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