Sketchbook: Brush pens

Before I went on holiday I continued exploring different techniques following my tutor’s encouragement. I bought some new brush pens and below are a few attempts with them, all in A4. The second is a sketch of a very bright door way in the morning sun in the Californian mountains. I tried to use all of what I’ve learnt so far from urban sketching, adding in more detail where I wanted to draw the eye by using a finer black ink on the detail of the plants in the doorway.  Afterwards I realised the shadows of the door way make no sense, things are reversed and dark where they should be light. In my defense it was 6am and I’d been up again since 5am with horrific jet lag.

Next is an unfinished sketch a Griffith Observatory, abandoned due to the breeze and my husband’s fear of heights.

Finally is a drawing I did before we went away based on a favourite photo I took in Venice. I was not pleased with the results despite spending a long time on this. The water is not convincing and I struggled with the concept of having to think about drawing from back to front.

I like the brush pens but feel a bit overwhelmed by trying all these new techniques and fear I am jack of all trades and master of none at the moment. Or perhaps that’s just my inner critic getting at what should be a time of fun and exploration!


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