Artist research: Alexandra Blum

My tutor suggested I look at how this artist investigates positive and negative space. I began with her Boundaries 2014 work which are drawings from her flat window that ‘combine spatial illusion with the materiality of negative space’. There is an odd filmic quality, perhaps due to the off kilter viewing angles and strong vanishing points she uses. In one drawing, airplanes are repeated on different trajectories showing the flight path. This reminds me of some Giacometti drawings where movement is conveyed by multiple outlines of the figure in slightly different poses. I have complained about my fidgeting cats and daughter but maybe embracing this and using the above techniques may produce some interesting results. 

The sky plays a strong role and she achieves almost a fisheye lens effect in some drawings. Using ink means the sky is quite blocky in places but this is softened by wavy edges and finer lines drawn over the top. I haven’t yet mixed brush pen and fine line pens.

Some drawings are in almost negative photo style with the brightest highlights and in one case all of a tree’s branches except its trunk conveyed using negative space. Again not a technique in its own right I have considered. 

These drawings are vastly more complex on studying them than they appear. I can’t say I’d have them on my wall but there are interesting techniques to experiment with.


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