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Project 1.2 Drawing blind

I have never tried tracking my eye with the pencil and can see what a valuable technique this is. I have drawn blind before and found the outcome pleasing due to the unexpected. When I have done this exercise before I attached card to the top of the pencil. Drawing on my lap this time under the table meant I was drawing more closely to the object so I felt more connected to it. This approach created a surprising sense of the connection with the object.


Project 1.2 Contour drawing from memory

Drawing from memory was less enjoyable than the minute spent observing the colander. Perhaps this was because of my fondness for family history, which I have traced, as this object connects me to another century and family members who I will never meet. As I studied the surface I wondered how many meals had been prepared with it and what my great, great grandmother’s kitchen looked like. For still life going forward I will try to choose objects with which I have a connection so I can again channel this type of connection as it makes the exercise more enjoyable.

Project 1.2 Contour drawing

I chose my great, great grandmother’s colander as I like the whimsy of having such a ‘low’ family heirloom and muted grey is an interesting finish.

I had tried contour drawing on a drawing short course I did last year. I disliked it now as much as I did then. It seemed an unnatural and unsatisfying way to draw. I don’t understand how not lifting the pencil off the page adds anything to improving your observational skills. This feels like a constrained and false approach which left me frustrated.

The blind contour drawing I had also done beforeĀ  and enjoyed it due to its freer, more expressive nature. Interesting I was more accurate in places then with the earlier contour drawing exercise.