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Assignment: Man-made form and perspective

Measuring out perspective of shapes in 3d like this was new to me so I had to do some internet research to figure out what the lines within the forms on the example student drawing in the course notes meant. I found this quite easy to learn. Below is my first preparatory sketch before I realised what I needed to do. The second preparatory sketch shows me experimenting with research on drawing ellipses in 3d.

This is my final sketch. I was happy with the curved forms, although my lines were less curvy in places than they should have been but I felt I conveyed the depth with the 3d lines well. I was not happy with the rectangular shaped packet. Having reflected I realise that I have not thought about where the vanishing point (if indeed there is one) should be inside the cupboard. I tried to work this out when drawing the shelf but didn’t succeed and I think the packet looks distorted for this reason. I will need to do more research to understand how to correct this.