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Artist research: Connor Ragus

I researched work by most of the artists mentioned in materials from the first part of the course. The drawings that affected me most I have referenced below with comments.

Connor Ragus

I really responded emotionally to Ragus’ use of colour and subject matter. The colours are rich and vibrant and evocative of work by old masters. Ragus says his work deals with death, transcience and what his left behind, and borrows heavily from 17th century Dutch still life paintings. In his ‘Still life with fox’ below (oil on framed panel) I can’t work out if he has painted onto the frame or the frame is part of the painting. Either way I love how the picture seems like it is coming out of the painting. I am really excited by this concept and wonder how you can use it to cross over between a drawing and sculpture.

I also like his ‘Bee 2’ drawing in ink. The use of white space effectively reinforces the size and fragility of the bee. Limited lines have created a convincing looking bee that is in the style of vintage books.