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How to create intimidating viewpoints

I’m researching different viewpoints for an idea that emerged from an exercise in Project 1.1. During the mark making exercise, electricity pylons emerged. I wonder if this is a subconscious response to some pylons near where I live, so I am developing a concept around pylons and power in my sketchbook.


I’d like the pylons in my final drawing to look as intimidating as possible, looming large over the landscape. Amateur Photographer suggests:

“By looking up at your subject from a lower angle you make your portrait subject look more powerful and important. Combined with the right expression it can also help to make a subject look intimidating….[for] landscapes… a low angle will emphasise an object right in front of the camera”

The New York Film academy suggests photographing below, sometimes referred to as “worm’s eye view”:

“…as if you were a worm looking up at the world around you…this makes all subjects look very large, even if they are very small in reality…subjects presented in this way look as though they hold power over the viewer, and can seem very intimidating…you automatically make the viewer feel vulnerable, even if the subject itself isn’t frightening.”

I googled pylons and worm’s eye view and found some great source photos to work from. As I can’t get that close to pylons in person this is useful reference material from which I can develop a number of sketches:

For rows of pylons I found these:

I’ll add to this iteratively as I find more interesting images.